Monday, August 20, 2007

Carnival of Kitchen Madonnas

from Ruth in Virginia
Mother had wept when she saw the picture – "Though I still don't know why," said Janet – but when Marta saw the good place, she stood quite still. Then slowly she lifted her hands and her whole face was transformed. "Maty Bozha!" breathed Marta, but in a very different way from the way she had said it upstairs. She took one step nearer. "Matir Bozha!" she breathed again, and then she began to speak. None of them could understand the words she said, but even Janet knew it was a prayer or a hymn of thanksgiving and praise.
~The Kitchen Madonna by Rumer Godden
Thank you to all who answered my *call for Kitchen Madonnas. I can't wait to show them to the children in the book club and see how your lovely pictures inspire them.

Michelle shares her kitchen with a view and the inspiration she keeps close by. I am amazed that she has only been in her new abode for a few weeks and yet it looks so much like home. These military wives are a breathtaking breed to behold!

Join Barb for a holy coffee break and look carefully at her windows to see the lovely little shrine she has created to remind her of her calling as a secular Franciscan to strive for perfect charity in their secular lives. With those bright sunny windows and that beautiful reminder, I am sure she does an excellent job!from Laura in AZ

Lorri serves up more than mac and cheese. She also has a lovely little coffee spot with a beautiful Madonna to inspire her not only to get the dishes clean but to clear out the clutter. Inspirational in more ways than one, I tell ya!

Striving to be an Apostle to Suburbia, Leeann shows us her lovely Kitchen Madonna who is dressed to the nines. I am sure Our Lady loves her precious pink hat and wears it with proudly.

Kimberly from Ohio sends this lovely Lady dressed in blue who is perfectly poised in her handsome setting. Be sure to poke around her beautiful blog and find out more about her favorite (soon to be famous I am sure!) photographer. You'll be glad you did.Betsy's Madonna
Amy Caroline (such a lovely lyrical name!) has not one, not two, but three Kitchen Madonnas. Go check them out and also take a look at her No Bake Cookies. She's must come from pioneer stock I think!

Melanie is someone I knew in college and now, through the amazing powers of the internet, I have the pleasure of getting to know better (and watch her little Bella grow cuter and cuter everyday!). Melanie's Madonnas are in the kitchen, but it is her San Damiano cross that inspires her to fight back the waves of nausea and make her home "an imitation of the little house in Nazareth".
From Rachel in NC

And the sweetest little lady I know in Minnesota shares her lovely Kitchen Madonna. Someday I hope to get to see this beautiful lady in person and her kitchen too!

I forgot to add my own Madonna that is how wound up I am right now. I hope it goes well.

*Prayers for tomorrow would be most appreciated!


  1. What a fun post! I wish I knew about it ahead of time. I would have submitted a pic, too.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this carnival. What a fun and inspirational festival in honor of Our Lady. After seeing all these lovely images, I'm determined that now I'm going to have to start keeping an eye out for a Madonna to add to my kitchen.

    Oh and I'm going to have to add yet another book to my wish list. I just discovered Rumer Godden this year when I read In This House of Brede. The Kitchen Madonna sounds like a must-have.

  3. How very lovely, Matilda! Thank you so much for the sweet "peak" into the kitchens of these lovely ladies.

    What a great carnival!

  4. What nice images! You've prompted me to find a spot for a shelf in my kitchen. I have no window sill and counter space is tight, but I WILL find a place for Mary. While my refrigerator is covered with holy cards, only a few represent Our Holy Mother.

  5. Ooh-- could do an addendum? Just yesterday I was adding fresh roses to my little kitchen Madonna...

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Our Lady, they are all so lovely! Thanks for doing this one! Blessings!

  7. Please do Ana! I will be happy to update the post!

  8. I don't have a kitchen Madonna because my shelves get dusty and the crud builds up and it would be soooooo undignified for Our Lady to have to suffer my messies. BUT I do have a big and beautiful and bright OL of Guadalupe, complete with gold rays, right next to the fireplace. At our house the hearth is the heart of the home (in winter, anyway!) She's perfect there where it is warm and the family likes to gather.

  9. Matilda, thank you for this fair and for your friendship. You are a treasure to me in more ways than one.

  10. I am of pioneer stock! It is rather a fun story. Something about a great great uncle on the run from Minnesota after stealing a pig.
    This was lovely Matilda!


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