Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you haven't seen it by now, go check out the Catholic Cuisine blog where you can see my post about food for St. Monica's feast day today. It is a very simple combination of ingredients, but very tasty! And while you are there, poke around at the wonderful resources that many more talented moms offer for celebrating the liturgical year with a festive feel.

Whenever I find that a favorite saint whose feast day was packed up and relocated on the official Calendar, I am curious as to why. There must be a reason. In some cases, it was that their original feast day was not actually the day that they entered into their eternal reward. In St. Monica's case, it had more to do with her son. The date of St. Monica's death is not known, but since the Augustinians celebrated May 5 as the Conversion of St. Augustine, his mother was placed on the calendar the day before (May 4). When the calendar was revised, she was moved to the day before the day that her son died (August 28). I love the way our Church recognizes the special connection between this saintly mother and child. Her tears, his conversion, her love, his salvation.

Here is a coloring page for St. Augustine's feast day tomorrow.


  1. I am always saddened when I hear certain traditionalists say, "I HATE the New Calendar." There are some things I prefer about the old calendar, but there are so many great things that the Church did with the new one. Just as St. Monica is paired with St. Augustine, now the Immaculate Heart of Mary is paired with the Sacred Heart. The Queenship of Mary is now after her Assumption, and the Visitation is before the birth of John the Baptist. I like all those changes because they either make sense spiritually or chronologically.

  2. That they are recognized, celebrated, and venerated is the key ~ &:o) We use the traditional calendar, but feel no ire toward the modern one. Since there are no "days" in Heaven, it's all the same, so long as we remember to learn from the examples of the saints and become saints ourselves.

    Charlotte ~ this is such a wonderful service you provide for us! I LOVE the coloring pages!

  3. Thanks for the recipe we tried it and loved it!!


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