Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Science

These pictures were actually taken yesterday right after a big, beautiful rain shower swept through our neighborhood. Sunshine spotted this Red-Tailed Hawk on top of a neighbor's house. We see these guys all over the place and have heard their cries on many occasion. We like to play "Spot the Hawk" on the way to church since the billboards and street lights seem to be a favorite spot to perch on a Sunday mornings.

Sorry about the blurriness of the second photo! It was taken from inside, behind the window's screen. It kind of added a soft focus to the shot and made him look a little like Cybill Shepherd. I loved the way his wings were fanned out, probably to dry off! Any interesting nature sightings where you are?


  1. I love to look at hawks but they scare me. They swoop down in our back yard and that is a little too close for comfort.

    I will post a worm/catepillar/we are not sure, thing on my blog if you want to see something strange we found. We have no idea what it is.

  2. What a beautiful hawk!

    I recently posted about our most interesting nature invasion of caterpillars! Now that was cool!

  3. Very cool catch of the red tail hawk! We have a lot of them near us on the prairies. Also, LOVE your new blog design. So perfect!


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