Friday, September 19, 2008

From the request line

I made a coloring page of St. Catherine yesterday to help Jessica out. Good thing we are separated by a couple of time lines! What a shame that the owners of the Little Flower's copyright couldn't have been more flexible. I am completely respectful of copyrights and believe that an artist should receive a fair wage for their work, but their policy seems a little too strict considering their mission. Anyway, here is St. Catherine of Siena based in the picture over there. Her feast day is April 30, but if there are other Little Flowers who are studying her excellent example of Faith in this somewhat faithless world, feel free to color her now! And if you haven't had your first meeting yet, go look at Jessica's because it is perfection!


  1. Charlotte, you are simply fabulous! Wow, such talent and you drew this in how many hours? What is there you cannot do? :-) Hats off to you for sharing and caring. God Bless You!!!

  2. Aww! You are too sweet! (I'm sure there was plenty I could have done better at the meeting, but it was fun!!) Thank you again for coming to my rescue! The coloring page was perfect and the girls *LOVED* it!!!!

  3. When I saw it on Jessica's page, I thought forsure that must be your handiwork! Good job. I know I can do this myself, but it is such a relief to know someone else has done the putsy work for me.

    Thanks so much for making life a little easier for me and others!

    A Fellow Artist,


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