Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most Holy Name of Mary Plans

Yesterday was Our Lady's Birthday and I wish we could have enjoyed a healthy blue treat, but none of my children like blueberries in any shape or form unless blueberry Batman yogurt counts. Not pancakes, muffins, cheesecake, parfait, nothin'. Husband and I scratch our heads and wonder where did these strange creatures come from as we sip our blueberry smoothies. So we settled for a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday before dinner and opted to save our treat for Friday when it is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary. Long ago, we chose this Marian feast day as Sunshine's nameday and have celebrated it with gusto. I posted about last year's plans here which included Turkish Crescents, Viennese Coffee, and of course, cupcakes honoring Our Lady. Sunshine requested a special coloring page based on the design of the holy card on the left. But Shortcake didn't think she was quite up to this detailed challenge so I have made one for her using this design as inspiration and surrounding it with variations of Our Lady's name to decorate. Don't think I am getting out of painting again this year since it was such a huge hit last year but these coloring pages should hold them off until I screw my courage to the sticking point and break out the water colors. Blessed Mother, pray for me! : )

Holy Name of Mary coloring page

Marian Names coloring page

P.S. I will post the coloring pages again on Friday for those who keep forgetting to take their memory pills (guilty!).


  1. Count me among the forgetful. Lovely plans.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent so generously! You're awesome! May Our Lady bless you for your efforts in encouraging others to bless her holy name!

  3. It is our Mary's name day/feast day celebration here, too. Happy day to sunshine and we will say a special little prayer for her here! I love these coloring pages!
    Lisa I

  4. Thank you for the single kiss recipe and the great coloring sheets!! Blessings to you!

  5. I just downloaded these for my kids to color, and they are beautiful! Thanks!!

  6. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for making these coloring pages available! I'm actually going to use them as inspiration for an embroidery pattern for a little "Mary Mantle" that we're going to put over a Christ candle on our Advent wreath. I'm just making a white organza bag and plan on embroidering it in white and this was the pattern I was looking for!

    Thank you so much!!



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