Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coloring Page Problems

I have been exploring the problems some people have been having with downloading the coloring pages and here is what I have found.

1) It might be your internet browser. Some people have reported having problems with one called Opera. I use Firefox and Safari exclusively so I can't offer much help outside of those platforms.

2) Scribd will ask you to register for an account even if you are not uploading documents, only downloading. This is kind of a pain, but it is free and relatively easy. They're not asking for the name of your pet's favorite toy in 1982 or anything.

3) If you are signing up for an account for the first time, it will tell you that the document is private until you have verified your email. After you verify, go back to the link on the blog post and click through again. Then you should have no problems with downloading as either an Adobe Acrobat .pdf or as a Plain Text .txt. I always use Adobe.

4) You can always choose to print directly from Scribd without downloading if downloading becomes a problem. Click on the arrow next to the word "iPaper" and choose Print.

5) Maybe this is just a Mac thing, but when you choose Print under the iPaper tab, it will give you the option to print as a PDF. It comes after the Page Setup window, after you click OK. This is another way to download it onto your desktop. It will save as a .pdf file that you can print from directly.

6) If you are still having problems, send me an email and I will try to help. I am kind of limited in my knowledge of PC problems, but my husband is a whiz! Maybe he can help. I will also be happy to email the pdf files to anyone who simply cannot get Scribd to cooperate with their computers.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


  1. Well, I use Firefox, so that's not it. I'm already registered, so that's not it. I signed in to download, so that's not it. I also use a Mac, so it should be behaving for me like it does for you.

    The strange thing is, I tried again later, and it not only did not ask me to sign in, but it downloaded successfully. I think we can safely say it's just Scribd and their own internal glitches! I will just print from the webpage next time.

    Thanks Charlotte -- love ya!

  2. Thanks sooooo much for the wonderful coloring pages. My children love to color! My oldest especially appreciates that we can make as many copies as we want, especially when one doesn't turn out quite right...ahhh, the perfectionism passed on to another generation. I found you through Jessica at Shower of Roses. Thanks again!

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  4. Sorry about that my hubby was logged in. :)

    I have noticed the same as scmom. I am on a PC, though I do use Firefox.

    What I do (that works) is head to the site, login, return to your blog to click the link a second time, and then it always works. Second times a charm. ;)

    Thank you again!!! The pages are wonderful!


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