Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Costume Ideas from the Combox!

Because these are too good to miss!

"This site has a list of items saints are usually seen carrying. It was meant to help identify saints in art. It has been invaluable in helping me with saint costumes." ~From Nikki

Living Catholicism has a huge list of ideas. Go check it out!~ From Stef

"Half the enjoyment of All Saints Day parties is seeing how ingenious parents and kids are in coming up with costumes. I remember a St. Lawrence with a bottle of bar-b-que sauce, a St. Jerome with his little brother dressed in a lion's suit, a family of boys dressed as the (martyred)Macabee brothers." ~ From Anonymous

Jessica has the best and only good use of a mini skirt I have ever heard of~
I used a white turtleneck (Fit the face into the neck of the turtleneck, and then pin the shirt behind the head) for the Guimpe. Then I used one of my black, brown, or white (depending on the order) tee-shirts to make the tunic. You could use a piece of fabric for the veil, but I've used a black mini skirt found at the second hand store, which worked well.

As well as a list of ideas she has added pictures and more to. How cute and perfect that the little one she calls "Chiquita" was dressed like Our Lady of Guadalupe. There is Heaven in those big brown eyes!

And go drool over Michele's handiwork! She is right. Sewing that doesn't break the bank does require time, planning and a little bit of bargain shopping prowess. I love the way she repurposed older costumes. Those military moms are inventive!

Be sure to check out the other ideas down below and over at the 4Real Forum where Stef also linked to a spreadsheet she has put together for her local group. Make sure you printer is well prepared!

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  1. Charlotte, I love your blog! What great ideas. I think my little man is going to wear a brown cape and have his hand bandaged for St. Pio.


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