Saturday, October 18, 2008

Texas Spiny Lizard

Nature came to us today. This little gal (no blue spots on the belly that we could see) found her way into the air conditioning return. Sunshine thought she was a gecko but the internet told us different. She must be a young one because we have seen some much bigger ones around here.


  1. I love this!! We don't have lizards here up north--the kids would love to find them! We are waiting for the first snow now. It has been below freezing the last few nights, and the prediction is more of the same!

  2. YIKES!
    How much bigger do they get? We may be changing our minds about moving to Texas. Is everything TEXAS size there?

  3. This one was about 6 inches long, but half of that was tail. The biggest ones we have ever seen were closer to 10 or 12 inches long and they are much fatter. They don't come into the house,in fact, this is the first one we have ever seen and caught inside. Some people keep Spiny Lizards as pets.

  4. Hi Charlotte. I'm a new fan of your coloring sheets. I found you through Shower of Roses and have been blessed by you both! I love incorporating your coloring sheets into our morning prayers-Saint of the Day.(the kids love them too!) Maybe in the future you could draw the Passionist symbol for coloring :) God Bless, Lori


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