Sunday, October 5, 2008

We do more than just color saints, ya' know!

Sometimes we color cookies!

Apparently it has been a giving season around here and the result was that making these cookies brought sadness to BigBoy's heart. After having made dinner for two families who had babies, made care packages for friends in need and made gifts for friends/family members receiving sacraments, BigBoys solemnly said that he did not want to send these to cookies away to anyone! I asked him who we would send them to and he replied with serious frustration, "To St. Francis!!!"

I guess I should have been more clear when I said, "Let's make cookies for St. Francis." Bad mommy!

I made him this stripy Bengal kitty to eat since the Cowboys are playing the Mighty Bengals of Cincinnati (that was a Sports Night reference to anyone who cares) today. He loves all things "cat" even the big ones and here we are rooting for their demise. Poor kid can't catch a break today.


  1. My son Billy decided to be a Bengals fan a few years ago. We've written him out of our wills.

  2. Too cute, Charlotte! My boys would think I had lost my mind if I gave them any sort of coloring page-they've never ever had an interest in coloring books-but I think the whole coloring cookies thing just might catch their attention. What a great St. Francis idea! Where did you find the cutters? Or are they all cut "by hand"? Wouldn't surprise me with your talents!

  3. Too cute Michelle... and Michelle! My "talents" definitely do not extend to cookie making. In fact, this batch came from a packaged mix. My husband is the only one around here who can make cookies from scratch that don't look like crepes. I used this set that has been gathering dust up in the cabinet over my refrigerator for a few years now. Thanks to my dear friend Betty, they got to see the light of day.

    Oh, and my own son won't color my pictures unless I bribe him. Have you seen those edible frosting pens in the grocery stores. I'll bet your guys would love those!

  4. Awww! Those cookies are SOOO cute, and I just love what BigBoy said!!!

  5. These cookies were too cute. I am an Ohio girl and thankful that I have college football. I wouldn't be able to root for the Bengal thugs.

    I have this cookie cutter set
    I bought them to encourage smaller portions. They are especially nice for toddlers. You may have inspired me to actually use them.

  6. Your friend Betty...Ha! You had me there! I got a good laugh when I clicked and saw who you meant!


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