Thursday, October 16, 2008

What do you get...

...when your mommy washes your most favorite, softest, long-haired kitty who goes to bed with you every night tucked into your arms so that you can gently rub the top of her head over your face as you drift off to sleep ?Any kitty you want!

Complete with a nighttime trip to the toy store 10 minutes before closing time to test out every kitty they have so that you can choose the softest one to replace the cotton ball with legs that your mommy can't even look at without crying! Oh yeah. It was that bad.


  1. Oh, my! :(
    Is that the new kitty or the old kitty (before the wash)?
    Glad that he found a new kitty to love.

  2. I'm having a battle right now with my daughter to wash "Teddy". Children are funny that way. Sorry to hear about Kitty!

  3. No, this wasn't Valentina. She has been washed many times. This was a long haired kitty named Twila that belonged to Sunshine. She gave it to BigBoy when he fell in love with it and apparently, long haired stuffed animals are not supposed to be washed. The kitty pictured is his new love, Big T, and it is super soft! He wanted to name it Twila also until he found out that Twila was a girl name.

  4. Ah, one of those critical mommy moments! If only all their woes could be solved with a trip to the kitty store. Big T looks very soft and fluffy indeed.

  5. Oh, dear. I hate when that happens. I hope the replacement has dried the tears (both of yours...).

  6. That picture is PRECIOUS! Big T looks sublimely suggle-able.


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