Friday, November 21, 2008

More Hats (for a good cause)

Hi. My name is Charlotte and I'm a crochet junkie...

But if you are interested in helping a family in need and you want a hat for your own (or for someone else), you can purchase one of these five hats over at Hillside Education and know that all of the proceeds will go help a family in need. You can see all of them on the Handmade page (plus all of the other fabulous items already donated). And be sure to check out the other pages too! Right now, Margot is collecting donations for the Quigley family in Lancaster, PA who have 2 children recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Please help out anyway you can!

****Updated: Margot tells me that all of the hats are gone. Please check out all of the other items for sale and see if anything strikes your fancy. Remember, it's for a good cause!


  1. They look like they fit your girls perfectly. Do the same ones fit adults?

  2. They are pretty much one size fits all. I think I was able to wear all of them too, but I didn't want my picture taken. The Red one and the Green one are a little roomier than the others so they would fit a little more loose on a child but just right on an adult.

  3. Charlotte; These hats are so sweet. Keep up your crochet junkie habit because it's such a fine habit to form. You amaze me girl! Hats off to you...snicker...for offering your love up to families in need.


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