Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Cooking

Ruth had a great idea and my brain just couldn't leave it alone. She came up with gifts to give to represent the 12 days of Christmas. I thought I would try to focus on incorporating the 12 Days of Christmas song into a menu plan. It's too late for this year but I wanted to record it here to give myself a better chance of remembering it next year. I tried to avoid desserts since we don't need any help in that department this time of year but some just couldn't be helped. Feel free to add your suggestions below:

First day of Christmas: Anything with pears, how about~Poached Orange Pears

Second Day of Christmas: Chocolate Turtle Brownie Pie or Turtle Bean Soup (not sure I am up to Mock Turtle Soup)

Third Day of Christmas: French Egg and Bacon Sandwich or simply Egg Salad

Fourth Day of Christmas: Bird’s Nest Egg Salad or Bird’s Nest Pie

Fifth Day of Christmas: Onion Rings or Cinnamon Coffee Ring

Sixth Day of Christmas: If you don't feel like cooking a goose how about toast or English muffins with gooseberry jam

Seventh Day of Christmas: probably more involved that the other recipes but sooooo cute~ Swan Crème Puffs

Eighth Day of Christmas: milkshakes, of course!

Ninth Day of Christmas: Dancing Chicken on the Grill or Dancing Lemonade Chicken if you don't have beer on hand (don't forget Dancing Spaghetti~ this is a science experiment)

Tenth Day of Christmas: Lord Baltimore Cake or you could make Lord Woolton Pie. If you do, please tell me what "swedes" are.

Eleventh Day of Christmas: You could make your own Pirouette cookies (they look like little pipes) or let Pepperidge Farm make them for you and serve with piping hot cocoa!

Twelfth Day of Christmas: Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks or any other drumstick recipe

Husband and I had lots of fun looking up recipes and tossing around ideas. We found it funny that just about every character in the song could be made into an alcoholic beverage. Turtle Punch anyone? No? How about a Hot Piper?


  1. According to Wikipedia swedes are rutabagas or yellow turnips.

    I know I'd seen references to them before and just had to satisfy my own curiosity.

  2. This is awesome! it's exactly what I wanted to do, but I was not creative enough. Thanks for the great ideas, Charlotte.


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