Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

In this post below, Kim F. recommended this resource for all your St. Nicholas coloring needs and boy was she right. Warning: you will spend hours and hours over there if you aren't careful! Set your timer!

So, I did not make a St. Nicholas coloring page and really can't decide which of these fifteen I like best. I'm kind of leaning toward the three in the middle. Anyway, I hope your shoes were filled with chocolate and that you have a very happy St. Nicholas Day!


  1. I saved myself the agony of picking and had my children pick out which ones they liked best.

  2. I love that site too, and we have colored most all of those pages in past years, they are great!! This year I just copied the picture from Fenestrae Fidei, but my kids just caught me looking at the link and I may be printing out some more :)

    Happy Feast of St. Nicholas to you and your family!


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