Friday, December 26, 2008

The Surprise Hits of the Season

The children enjoyed everything from the treats to the toys to the thoughtful gifts they made/picked for each other. Some of the surprise hits...Danielle Bean's recipe for homemade playdough in their favorite colors given to each child with a bundle of plastic cookie cutters in fun shapes. The red batch was scented with peppermint oil! Danielle, please tell your mom that her recipe is going to be a Christmas staple in our house from now on!
Homemade dolls for dollys.

The Professor made these peg dolls to give to Sunshine and Shortcake. He made them to match their own dolls and I used scraps to create little dresses for the peg dolls. The ear piercing screams of girlie delight and the two-sister-tackle-hug might not have been appreciated by a typical 10 year old boy but the smile on his face was pretty big so I guess The Professor didn't mind.

Now, lest you think that we are suffering from Little House Christmas Fever you should know that The Professor has only surfaced for food and water while putting together the massive Lego set that Grammie surprised him with and that Batman is BigBoy's new favorite Superhero so we are well within our recommended holiday requirement of plastic.

OH... and my favorite gift? Has to be the Lego set! Why? Because it means that I can sneak off with the next two Ranger's Apprentice books we gave to The Professor and he won't even notice as long as they are back by reading time! They are really great books! Thanks to my Aussie friend, Erin, for the recommendation!

So what did your kids (or you) go nuts for that you didn't expect (or maybe you did)? I'd love to know. Merry Christmas!


  1. Your Christmas sounds like it was wonderful!
    It's hard to say what the big hits have been for our kids, because they are thrilled and excited with all of it. But some things they are itching to use they have to wait a bit (such as messy crafts kits and such). So what they've been able to use and have been using a LOT so far and having a blast is; a non-electric air hockey game you can use on rugs or hardwood floors, and some mini RC cars. They also got animal blankets they got from their Papa they just love, and so went to sleep with smiles on their faces underneath them last night. Our oldest also recieved horse riding lessons, and she literally jumped up and down with joy over that.
    All of the gifts the children made for others have been a huge hit as well, to those who recieved them so far.

  2. Merry Christmas, Charlotte. So far, everyone seems to like the gyroscopes/tops/whirleygig things. But we have more presents to come, so their favs may change.

    I got a new crockpot to replace the one that just broke. This one comes with a lid you can seal closed - no more spills on the way to potlucks!

  3. That was so super sweet of the Professor!!! The dolls are darling!

  4. I love that you paired homemade playdough with cookie cutters! That gives me something new to look for in those dime boxes at yard sales.

    I'm going to plan for those as family gifts for next Christmas.


  5. What a beautiful Christmas it looks like you had! I'm thrilled to hear the play doh was such a hit. Very clever of you to add the scent and pair it with cookie cutters -- a great idea for future gifts. My mom will be happy to hear that her recipe is being passed on. Merry Christmas to all!

  6. What a sweet, thoughtful gift. I love gifts that show you know what a child loves, deep in his heart. I love it when I get it right. Helena really likes an ice shaver she got and a game for gameboy called "Brain Age."

    Joe got some books about cartooning from his dad, and he has been hard at work drawing... still!

    Merry Christmas!


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