Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome little one!

Introducing the latest Rutherford... go say "hello" to Thomas Edmund Paul. Husband and I were engaged at the same time this sweet couple was. I even remember a double date or two. I can still picture them on their wedding day. You can too! See those smiles and all that love? Just imagine them in fancier duds and you've got it!


  1. Charlotte, thank you for the congratulations and the prayers! I am so dense - I love reading your blogs and when I have a chunk of time I delve deep into past posts - but either because I never knew or I forgot during my pregnancy - I wasn't aware that Waltzing Matilda & Catholic Cuisine were yours! I will probably remember that I DID know once the baby hormones wear off.

  2. Pregnancy hormones can certainly play havoc with those brain cells but don't worry about it too much. I am not sure that I ever specifically made the connection for you. I might have mentioned it to Ian, but even that, I am not so sure of. That was ultimately what made the decision to use my real name an easy one to make; not knowing who knew me by what name.

    Anyway, poke around here if you like and definitely over at Catholic Cuisine where Jessica has been so kind to allow me to be a contributor even though I have been shirking my duties as of late! :) But promise that you will only do it with that sweet little boy resting in your arms. That is how I picture you, friend!

  3. Catholic Cuisine is such a great resource! I find lots of great ideas there! And Thomas will be my constant companion whenever I get to surf the net!


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