Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday

You can read past posts here if you like because there isn't much "new" going on around here, but then again, that's why we call them traditions. Our grapevine wreath with black dyed thorns is waiting to go on the table tomorrow, our Alleluia banner is hung in playroom, and our Poor Piggy is hoping to get nice and fat this Lent with money the children will earn for the poor. I am thinking a sacrifice jar might be something new to try this year, but I haven't figured out how yet.
The children asked for a mommy drawn calendar this year. I guess they really don't like change. The one with pictures just didn't make the impact on them that I thought it would. They didn't even remember it until I showed them the picture from last year but they remembered all of our past ones enough to tell me that I have never, ever drawn a cactus on any of the many Lenten Calendars I've made before. I'm not sure they're right because... I can't remember!

BigBoy, resident lover of all things soft, asked for another fuzzy little Ramona lamb. How can you say "no" to a request like that? If you have little ones, they can color the original online here.

A few weeks ago, the children saw some masks at the craft store and asked if they could make their own. So we did. (OK, so maybe that was new.)

Oh, and I was going to make a King Cake for the very first time using Melissa's recipe but then Colleen stamped her Cajun seal of approval on this one (which makes it like authentic once removed, right?) I am guessing that her kids aren't thrilled about cream cheese filling like mine aren't but cream cheese frosting, well...that's a different story! It's on the agenda for later.

We will have pancakes for lunch and we won't do any school work!!! (Well, not anything official.) I made that decision mostly to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and not at all because I have been in a grumpy, terrible, no good, very bad mood since yesterday. Did it show? Maybe a day of festivity can help me shake it off before we add fasting to that unpleasant emotional cocktail.

Hoping you have a very un-grumpy day!

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  1. I like your lenten calendars, especially the subtle Calvary Hill skull on the top one. Very nice little illustrations! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to copy the idea, if that's ok. Last year I printed out all these cool graphics but my printer's out of ink (for months now) and I'm very reluctant to spend the money to fix it right now. Hand drawing is the way to go this year, I think!


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