Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Minutes

Week 6

Sunday, Mar. 15:
Still sore from painting! I know, it sounds like I'm a wimp but I was up and down a ladder, all over the walls, and balancing on top of the bed from 9AM until 6PM. Not to mention cleaning the most complex, puzzle-like window I have ever seen, hanging a valance and moving furniture. But Baby O's nursery looks beautiful, and now my friend Liz is all ready for the room's sweet little occupant to arrive in a few weeks! We all can't wait to meet the new addition to their family!

Monday, Mar. 16:
Don't ask!

Tuesday, Mar. 17:
2 fast miles

Wednesday, Mar. 18:

Thursday, Mar. 19:
4 fast miles

Friday, Mar. 20:
2 miles

Saturday, Mar. 21:


  1. Sorry Wendy! I should have linked. Not MY nursery, but my friend's nursery! She is expecting baby number 2 on Holy Thursday (scheduled C-section). Her only other child is 11 years old (this baby was a very happy surprise!) and the last time she put a nursery together was 11 years ago! I offered to help her husband get the room ready this past weekend because if the baby keeps growing at the rate she is growing, there is a chance they could take her even earlier.

    I promise, when it is my turn to paint my nursery, subtle will not be the way I announce it!:)

  2. I *thought* you would have at least mentioned it before now... :o) I'll be praying for your friend!


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