Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clothespin Apostles

This week, we are going to be working on making the rest of the Apostles to go with our other clothespin figures. We only have Peter and John and the children decided they wanted to make the rest (I just had to stop myself from typing "collect the whole set"). Here are some of our scenes from the past:


  1. These are fabulous! I particularly love the one of the Resurrected Jesus knocking the soldiers over with the boulder!

    I'll have to file this idea away for next year ... we could make them thruout Lent and have them ready for the Triduum!


  2. This is a wonderful idea! I've eyed the set like Elizabeth's for a few years. But our kids have had so much fun making wee felt saints, this may be the way to go in coming up with more liturgical year sets.

    With love in Christ,

  3. this is a great idea. i never thought of using those that way. i, too, have eyed those ones elizabeth has, but they are awfully pricey. these might be better appreciated if they have a hand in making them.

  4. Your soldiers are still my favorite. :)

  5. They're fabulous Charlotte!! A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you and your family.

  6. Where do you get the instructions for these?

  7. I don't know that there are specific instructions anywhere. Lots of people make wee saints or clothespin dolls with felt and the clothespin materials (knob heads, pins and a base). Here is my original post from two years ago where I linked to Theresa's upper room, Maryan's Good Friday and Tracy's tutorial although I went with tunic style clothing like Theresa did. Hope that helps.

    They are really easy to do. My kids did the rest of the apostles today without any help from me except for cutting strips of felt. They needed to use my good sewing scissors and nobody gets to touch those. (Super sharp!)


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