Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St. George's Day!

BigBoy wanted a blue dragon this year and I wanted to put some fierce on this one with blood shot eyes but they wouldn't let me. We compromised with red (Kissable) eyes. You can check out past dragons here and the instructions for building a dragon cake here and here.

We are off to share our dragon! I would love to see yours if you made one and will link to them below. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Miss Charlotte... I must say, you always impress and inspire!!

    Between you and Jessica, I am really enjoying this Easter season all the more. Big THANK YOU!

  2. That's awesome!!! I love the blue!

    No cake for us this year, unfortunately, but we ARE making cupcakes with a St. George theme! :)

  3. You did it again! Knock my socks off, this dragon is so cute, errr, mean looking. LOL What a great mommy you are! Thank you for sharing...great stuff, all of your posts lately in fact.

  4. Oh, Charlotte, your dragon looks great! I did make one, and I'm half embarrassed to show, but I will -- if only to make everyone else feel better about how their dragon turned out! Good job.

  5. I LOVE IT!! The blue looks so neat and I love the wings. You are such an amazing cake decorator!!!

    We just finished decorating ours (my boys wouldn't let the feast go by without making another! lol!) but I won't be able to post a picture until tonight sine I have Little Flowers in 15 minutes... I better get off the computer!

    Happy Feast of St. George!

  6. Please share your cakes! We would love to see them.

  7. that is an incredible dragon!
    and i love both of those stories.
    for a little boy there isn't anything quite like a st. and dragon story!

  8. are absolutely amazing! I didn't even attempt it...but I count myself lucky to devour your sweet dragon with my eyes!

  9. Charlotte, your dragon looks like a character in a children's book. Just wonderful!

    You put me to shame, of course, but your post at Catholic Cuisine from last year inspired me nonetheless. (It was the picture of the half-eaten one that let me know it'd all turn out ok, even if it never looked a whit like yours!) :)


  10. What an absolutely amazing cake! WOW!! Happy St. George Day to you ...

  11. Very cool!! How did you make the wings?

  12. Erin,
    Fruit roll up rectangles cut into triangles and then wrapped around a bamboo skewer.


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