Monday, April 20, 2009

The Story of Faith

Faith's amazing mom, Myah, has just posted an email she received along with the address it came from. Usually I say, don't feed the troll but this time, I think it's best to stand up to a bully. I doesn't look like a real email address but it's what is posted. And maybe a nice email to Myah might help her forget about it!

UPDATE: Myah has chosen to delete the post, but I am sure that a kind word would still be welcomed! Her email address is on her profile page.

UPDATE #2: This post.

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  1. Gosh, no place to comment or EMail Myah, but I don't know when I've read about a miracle more inspiring or life-affirming. Thanks for sharing this ~ There is so much faith, hope and charity in that household, it's no wonder the devil has targeted that family. They're in our prayers ~ as is the evil e-mailer, who needs them more than Myah and her sweet baby do.


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