Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden of the Good Shepherd~Week 6

OK, so we are still here. It's called perseverance. Or stubbornness.

The theme for week 6 is:

"Oh, What a Beautiful City!"

36. The City Gates : Read Revelation 21:9-14
37. The Temple: Read Revelation 21:22-25

  • EWTN for Kids still has the Build-a-Church game that Jessica mentioned or we might try an online jigsaw puzzle like this one.
  • How about... Shirley Temples? Oooh. I think I pulled something stretching that far.
  • Maybe a tabernacle craft would be better. We will probably choose a visit to Our Lord in the tabernacle.
38. Hallelujah! : Read Revelation 19:6-9
39. The Thrones: Read Revelation 22:1-5
  • We have back-to-back birthdays coming up next week so we might make some birthday thrones for our birthday prince and princess.
40. The Bride : Read Hosea 2:18-20
  • Break out the wedding pictures and let the children see them. Ours usually stay packed away but today might be a good day to dust them off.
  • Make some Mexican Bride Cookies
41. The Groom : Read Revelation 19:6-9
42. The Crowns : Read Isaiah 62:3-5
  • If you don't have back-to-back birthdays coming up, you might consider making this Cookie Crown Cake. Or maybe a Crown Jewel Cake.
  • As for us, we will be making crowns for the birthday kids in lieu of party hats. Okay, THEY will be coloring crowns. I will be cleaning!


  1. I would very much love to do ALL of this. As it is, I think that perhaps all it will come down to (Please God? Pretty please?) is saying "Hallelujah! This babe is here!"

    Or not.

  2. And Margaret, some of us would very much love to be looking forward to ALL of your excitement instead of doing this! Please God. Pretty please. These are the days...

  3. We didn't do so great last week, with all we had going on, but I am hoping to get back on track this week!

    I love the Strawberries -- those are SO cute! Watching Narnia would be fun too. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Miss Charlotte,

    We've not met, but am I right in thinking you are on the 4 Real Learning forum? My mom is there (or was! ;)) and I know a few other moms on there - Cay Gibson, Aussie Annie, Jeanette Smith... Anyhoo, I'm sixteen years old, homeschooled, Catholic and love your blog! :) I especially love the Garden of the Good Sheperd - is it too late for me to start it with my little siblings? - and your May feast post!

    I'm planning on having a Marian May teaparty in honour of Our Lady for some little girls I know, and I was so inspired by your post! Do you have any suggestions for Mary-themed treats and activities?

    I'd love to hear back from you if it's not too much of a bother, but I know too well how busy life can get with kiddos. :)

    Please keep writing because I'll keep reading!


  5. Dear Grace,
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. I am the same Charlotte (Matilda) over at the forum but I am not sure I know who your mom is. I would be happy to help you come up with some ideas although if you haven't been to Catholic Cuisine yet, there is a wealth of information there and over at Jessica's personal blog. Just send me an email!


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