Saturday, May 23, 2009


...for the family of sweet little Faith. God bless those who loved her and comfort them during this time of loss. Thank you for bravely sharing your little girl with the world!


  1. Thank you for posting. I had come across Faith and Myah a couple months ago, just after Faith was born and I had been wondering how they were doing. What a brave and loving example of motherhood! Myah may never know how many lives she touched by sharing Faith with the world. I am so deeply moved by her story. Myah can rejoice that heaven now has a new little soul to intercede for her and for us all. What a blessing Faith's little life was.

  2. Charlotte:

    We've been keeping up with sweet Myah and baby Faith. I discovered her blog in a desperate attempt to stop my niece from aborting her anencephalic child. Though all my efforts were unsuccessful, I have rejoiced over the life of this sweet child and her delightful mama.

    May God bless and comfort all those who loved this sweet little girl... keep my niece Beth in your prayers. I can only imagine her pain and regret. Family members requested that I not blog about her, and my heart breaks that so little prayer is being offered up for her...


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