Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fr. Dowling~ Liturgical colors in the home

So how does a Catholic mom incorporate the liturgical colors into her home in a simple, inexpensive way? Don't look at me. I'm asking you! Actually, Jennifer and Suzanne already have the answers. Fr. Oak and Fr. Birch are both beautiful creations made by some super talented members of their family. Let me tell you, they could sell those things and make a small fortune easily. In fact, if they plan to, I want to be first on the list. That's right, I'm calling dibs right now!

Well, in the meantime, while they get their business models up and running, Husband and I came up with a less *saw intensive option. When I looked at Fr. Oak and Fr. Birch, the basic shape that popped out at me was that of a cross. So, we took a thick dowel, cut it down to about 10 inches and drilled some holes on each side. Husband used the widest drill bit he had. The holes were deep enough to insert the bottom of an old fashioned clothespin, but didn't go all the way through. We glued the arms in place and let them dry over night. Then I found a candle holder to use a base. I think I would prefer one that was not so tall, but this one works for now. We did have to whittle off a little bit of the end so that it would fit nice and snug in the candle holder. We haven't named ours yet. In keeping with the tradition, I think we should consider Fr. Ash or Fr. Pine but we don't know what kind of wood the dowel was made from. How about Fr. Dowling instead or maybe Fr. Brown since the end was painted brown for pricing purposes? Any suggestions? Fr. Dowling it is!

*For a completely non-power tools project, I could see using an unused candle and carving out holes with a knife to insert a smaller dowel or some clothespins. I don't know how long that would hold up, but it might be a simpler option for someone.


  1. This is ingenious, Charlotte!!!!

    I'm lovin' Father Dowling!

    What a great option...if I'd seen your idea first, my husband would have been so much happier!

  2. Thanks Jen for the inspiration. "Fr. Dowling" really does suit him best. Fr. Dowling it is!

  3. I like Fr. Dowling too! I'm so excited to make our own. What a smart and simple way to bring the colors into your home. And anything that uses felt makes me and my poor sewing skills happy. :)

  4. That is great.
    I have never seen any of them before. I wonder if the fiddle back vestments would be appropriate for those that attend EF!
    Can't wait to see him dressed and how timely with the start of the year of the priest.

  5. Wonderful! And, YES! Just in time for the Year of the Priest!!!

  6. I love Fr Dowling... how cute.

    Also just a thought for those on an even tighter budget and without a natural creative flare, you could use poster cardboard and felt.
    Not as elegant but practical. That's me.


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