Friday, July 10, 2009

Craft Closet Organization

The organization bug is biting everyone it seems. Meredith's pantry challenge first got me thinking about those areas where I was wasting valuable storage space. If you haven't read Elizabeth's interview, it just might be the boost you need to get you digging through your cabinets and closets. De-cluttering is a great thing to do when you are cooped up inside anyway. I have been meaning to tackle my craft closets and finally got around to it last week. It annoys me when I know I'm not using my space efficiently and that was the case with these cabinets. While I am a firm believer in the principle that good organization can sometimes means spending money on the right tools, my goal for this project was to use what I had. When I looked inside I saw empty containers and stuff piled on top of stuff...
...on top of stuff...

...and more stuff!
The best way to handle this kind of job was to pull every thing out, sort it, organize it and then label it. I love labels! (I will spare you the Ode to Labels I composed expressing my unending love for these sticky little sanity savers.) These cabinets are in our garage and we originally purchased them to be pantries for our old house which didn't have one. I ended up tossing a trash bag full of unusable stuff and using only what I already had in the closets for organization.
Ahhhh...that's better!


  1. Ahhhh.... Organization. Something about it just sorta takes kinks out of your brain, doesn't it? I have some bad spots I need to work on, too. This helps with the impetus!

  2. Looks good. The before pictures look like mine room. Are the cabinets still in the garage?

  3. I have been busy organizing myself and love reading about and seeing how others do it!! Yes...I love my little label machine too. My life would be incomplete without it!!

    Your after picture looks great!!!! The before pictures remind me of what our school room looked like a few days ago. I'm still working on it. Nothing like a pregnant, nesting momma with a label machine on hand!



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