Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday's high

The heat index was 122 degrees. That's what we call stinkin' hot!
We're havin' a heat wave.
A tropical heat wave.

The temperature's rising,
It isn't surprising.

She certainly can can-can!


  1. I cannot imagine! Is it a dry heat or humid? Though I guess at the temp it doesn't matter.

  2. Oh Charlotte, I'm sorry for you. I hate to even say we're having a gloriously cool summer in Ohio. Not good for ripening tomatoes, but all else is fabulous! (Come and visit!)

  3. It is not a dry heat like Arizona, but then again, it's not a wet heat like Houston. Half and half, maybe. Yesterday the heat index was around 122. Send your tomatoes down here, Barbara!

  4. Oh my goodness! I have become such a wimp since moving to CO! When it gets to be about 82 here I am "hot." Coming home to Texas last month was so shocking to me!
    I hope you have a wonderful, lovely day in the A/C!

  5. Wow! That's crazy. I've never experienced that before. It's usually hazy, hot and humid here in MA in July, but we're getting cool breezes blowing. I even feel a little chilly when a cloud covers up the sun.

  6. We're sitting at 112 today. Yesterday was 114. Even the swimming pool water was at 92. I'm not sure what the heat index was, but it's certainly hot!

  7. Oh, my goodness, Charlotte! I'm thinking cool thoughts for ya! (Sending a cool, dry Colorado breeze your way...)

  8. It was so miserable yesterday!! Our fan on the AC broke and it got up to 90 degrees in the house before our dear neighbor (who is an AC repair guy, thanks be to God) walked down and installed a new fan...We spent most of today at the pool--the kids are beginning to drive me mad inside, so I thought a day at the pool might help...:)


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