Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calling All DFW Readers!!!

Anyone who lives near Children's Hospital in Dallas who can offer a bed and a shower to the parents as they try to switch shifts with Baby Cecilia would be most appreciated. Please email me at the address in my sidebar.

We know of a family in need. Their tiny baby was born a few weeks ago, has already undergone surgery and is needing to stay in the hospital for a longer than expected time. If you can offer any kind of assistance, please send me an email for more details. Anyone who lives outside of the DFW area who would like to contribute in a monetary way, please email me as well.

Your prayers are most important for baby Cecilia! Thank you!


  1. We will certainly keep baby Cecilia in our prayers. We also have a Cecilia.

  2. I've been praying for little Cecilia, as we have friends here who know the family. How good of you to put out the call for help!


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