Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feast of St. Monica

This is a post I did for Catholic Cuisine last year and it looks like I'll be making the same thing for St. Monica's feast day this year. St. Monica was born in Algeria and this dish, while not Algerian in origin, is very similar to one I found online and my kids seem to tolerate it. I know Husband really enjoys it!

Here is the recipe again and I'll update with a picture once it's made:

Chicken and CousCous
2 pkg. boneless chicken thighs
2 zucchini, chopped into bite size pieces
1-2 cans Italian style tomatoes, undrained
olive oil
garlic salt and pepper
couscous (we love Near East Parmesan Couscous)

Season chicken thighs with garlic salt and pepper and brown in olive oil. Remove from pan. Saute zucchini in remaining oil and pan drippings. Add tomatoes (use two cans if you want more tomato in the tomato/zucchini ratio, I prefer more zucchini) and bring to a boil. Return chicken, cover and simmer until chicken is done. Serve over couscous.

Parents’ Prayer to St. Monica

St. Monica, patron of Christian parents, we entrust to your protection the children whose names you can read in our hearts. Pray for them that they may be granted strength to combat weakness, victory over temptation, guidance to resolve their doubts and success in all their undertakings. May they enjoy good health of mind and body, see beauty and worth in all created things and serve the Lord with firm faith, joyful hope and enduring love. Amen.

Reminder: St. Monica Coloring Page and St. Augustine Coloring Page (for tomorrow)


  1. this looks like a great recipe for little ones...thanks, charlotte. hope you and yours are doing well.

  2. Thanks Charlotte! I purchased everything to make it this past weekend! I am looking froward to trying the recipe... I sounds delicious!

  3. Can you please help me? I have tried and tried to print your coloring sheets but it shows a blank screen. I subscibed to scrib, but nothing happens. Sorry I am not up to date on all this but any help would be appreciated. I really enjoy your blog and I get so many wonderful ideas to share with my family. Thank You!

  4. Michelle,
    Please email me and I will see if I can help you figure out what is going on. My address is saluwhat (at symbol) gmail (period) com.

  5. Charlotte,

    Thank you for this website.
    I am a true believer of Padre Pio's miracles and he has been there for the sick and has answered my prayers many times, since I learned of him in 2003.
    I belong to a Padre Pio prayer group here in South TX.

    May Our Lord and Padre Pio bless you and keep you and your family well.

    Sincerely, JoAnn Y.


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