Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half a World Apart

Almighty and merciful God, You who made Blessed John Mary glorious by his pastoral zeal and constant prayer and the ardor of penance, grant, we beseech You, that by his example and intercession, we may be able to win the souls of our brethren for Christ, and together with them attain to everlasting glory. Amen.

I never imagined today we would be enjoying a dessert that was inspired by a friend who already enjoyed hers yesterday. Happy Feast Day, dear friend united in Faith!

My cakes were not AussieAnnie's awesome mud cakes. One was a white chocolate cake and the other a devil's food mocha cake. The layers were stuck together with a chocolate ganache and the whole thing was glazed with a white chocolate ganache.


  1. I love it Charlotte! Your cut-out is fabulous. I think there is great symbolism in the way you have done it, the layering is underneath but the white that covers it all represents The Cure's victory over the devil! I wish I could have been for a bite!

  2. That is precisely why I chose the devil's food cake and the white chocolate ganache to go on top! Thank you again, dear friend. You inspired us half a world away!

  3. Beautiful! How do you make a ganache?

  4. Sorry, Charlotte - that other email listed under Admin was me (Ladybugs)...



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