Saturday, September 19, 2009

24 hours

That's how long it took us to go from this... this...

...all because of this...
Moral of the story... don't discuss your plans to remodel the bathroom in January with your husband today lest you find a broken albeit sparkling clean shower head in your hand instead of where it should be!

(Here we go... I'll keep you posted!)


  1. Was that accidentally on purpose? Gotta love a man that takes bathroom renovation by the horns!

  2. I hope it goes quickly. Can't wait to see it when it's complete! My bathroom needs a remodel. Heck, my whole house does....

  3. yikes! we call this "trimming a mustache" redecorating. broken shower head leads to replaced tiles which leads to new tub which leads to new matching sink which leads to... etc. a hard way to get it done, but effective. best of luck; hope it all goes well!


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