Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coloring Page Reminders

Today: Pope St. Gregory the Great

Blessed Mother Teresa (Portrait)
Blessed Mother Teresa (Landscape- you might have to change the setting on your printer if it doesn't do it automatically)


  1. Thank you for always providing us with beautiful coloring pages. My kids really like them. And they look beautiful in my window:)

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Early this a.m., I thought about checking to see if you had a St. Gregory coloring page. Then, the day got away from me ... But I saw your reminder on my side bar! Today is my husband's name day, so this will be an extra special feast day for us =)

  3. These are as beautiful and appreciated as always. We are going camping this weekend and I am printing out lots of Mother Teresas for all the children. We'll say a prayer for the artist!

  4. My children enjoyed both of your Mother Teresa coloring pages today as we celebrated her life. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful coloring pages with all of us.


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