Thursday, September 17, 2009

For all you Civil War buffs...

I was meaning to post this after we returned from Alabama and promptly forgot. On our way home, we decided to spend a little time in Vicksburg, MS and tour the battlefields. Some of the monuments were breathtakingly gorgeous. The Professor was ecstatic to see a real ironclad warship, the U.S.S. Cairo, up close and in person. I thought that the Cairo museum did an amazing job of showing off the artifacts found on the wrecked ship and I really enjoyed the short movie about the recovery efforts. You can watch the beginning of a similar video here.

I took a ton of pictures. Some of our favorite sights...

some that we thought our family would like...
(this one was for the boys cousins in Ohio!)

some for nature study...

and some just for fun! be continued.


  1. ok ... um ... this is nice but did you know you have some ... um friends who live like in the midst of battlefields and other CW sites in the most CW-ish state in the Union (yes, that would be Virginia) ... when are you going to come visit?

  2. Those were great photos! Thanks for the one marked Ohio; that's really awesome!

  3. Tarcisius,

    We hoped you guys would like that one!


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