Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costume Sneak Peak

Pssst........Girls cousins, please look away! BigBoy wants his costume to be a surprise!

BigBoy wanted to be St. Blaise at our All Hallows Eve Party this year and since he is most familiar with this picture, it's the one we decided to try to duplicate. Personally, I have always found it more effective to try to imitate a particular picture of a saint rather than just using symbols of saints. I think the child comes away feeling like they really do look like the saint, but you also have to work with the skills God gave you and the amount of time and effort you have budgeted.

BTW... this is not an angry 5 year old boy face who doesn't want his picture taken. This is an "I'm Saint Blaise, God's fierce warrior who defeated the Devil and made it to Heaven" face. From the mouths of babes... : )

The miter is made with craft foam and glitter paint. I have learned not to bother using the special craft foam glue that takes 12-24 hours to completely bond. Who has that kind of time? I use hot glue or rubber cement. The rubber cement will take longer than the hot glue (and it tends to make the pieces curl so clamp them or place them under a heavy book if you can) but it is still considerably faster than the craft foam glue. I also made the beard out of foam and cotton balls, but BigBoy has decided that it's too tickly and he probably won't wear it for the party.

The white robe was made using these instructions. I can't even count how many times this tutorial has come to the rescue. I have used it for everyone from Mother Teresa to St. Francis of Assisi over the past years. Thanks for being a geek, Mr. Steve!

We repurposed St. Thomas More's Tudor Rose and used it as a broach on the cloak (which I just pinned on BigBoy's shoulders and cut to the shape I wanted it around the back). The candles are two real beeswax candles that I ordered to use for the month of the Holy Souls. They smell like honey!

OK, I better get back to the sewing machine. St. Dwynwen needs a veil!


  1. Fabulous costume! He makes a great St. Blaise! Have a wonderful All-Saints Eve!

  2. That costume rocks!

    I love his serious warrior face! :)

  3. Absolutely awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness. Saturday, I had an email to you half written out asking if you knew of any decent online instructions for a "jedi robe". Instead, I decided not to bother you, and plunged on with a stupid, poorly written, no pictures, $%#@!$$%^ set of instructions.

    It didn't work. Billy likes it, but it looks terrible.

    Tomorrow is fix-it day, and I will rip seems and use those MUCH better instructions and NEXT TIME I will follow my instincts and click SEND and get your help before wasting half my day.

    THANK YOU. Very much.

    Tomorrow looks better already.

  5. BTW, your St Blaise is fabulous.

    I'm ashamed to say my kids have been mostly on their own this year. My daughters decided to be angels.


    The costumes LOOK like they were made by girls between the ages of 6 and 8.

    But at least my jedi will look good.

  6. Oh my goodness, Charlotte, he is SO cute!
    Great job on the costume!


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