Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oreo Cows

This is especially for all of my Scottish friends out there!
These Belted Galloways live nearby and we love looking for them whenever we are out and about. These little rural pockets are one of the things I love about our area. We count the horses at the horse farm on the way to swim lessons and look for the herd of miniature donkeys on our way to the craft store. We used to have a zebra down the road from us and if you look in the right places you can find some bison being guarded by a camel!


  1. I love oreo cows!!! I haven't seen any in a long time, thanks for posting these pictures. Sweet memories!


  2. I have never seen an oreo cow!! How cool.

  3. They are so cute. It looks so beautiful where you live! My grandpa always wanted to be a cow so whenever I see them I think of him. Thanks for the memory. They are so different. Horses, donkeys, zebra, camel and bison. (OH MY!)

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