Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Feast of All Saints

Blessings to you all and your families on this glorious feast day!


  1. I know you recently mentioned where you found many of your statues of saints, Charlotte, but I've never seen anything like this candle holder (or is it a set of individual saints that you set up around a candle?). Do you know where one might find something like that? Thanks!

  2. Tobins,

    All of these beautiful statues were handmade by the talented owner of Catholic Folk Toys. We have been slowly collecting her hand painted works of art. I just placed them around a candle I already had and took the picture.

  3. Thanks, Charlotte. These are lovely and I think we may have to start a collection, too. - Lisa

  4. That is such a pretty decoration, Charlotte! I am going to check out that Web site. Thanks for the link. I hope you have a very blessed All-Saints Day!

  5. I just bookmarked the web site. Lovely photo


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