Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic Monday

Too much to say, no time to talk.
Anyone else feel that way after a "holiday" weekend?

Thanksgiving, small and simple. (Husband had to work.)

Proof that turkeys can't fly! Splat!
(Actually it was spatchcocked and quite tasty!)

We have plans to decorate a Christ candle on the 8th and replace it with the white taper you see there. Note to self: pick of a white pillar candle.
Happy Advent to you all!


  1. Oooooh.... Loved how your wreath turned out. Very nice.

    I didn't want to let Thanksgiving get too far behind without letting you know how thankful I am for your blog and your inputs over at the 4real board. Miss Charlotte, you inspire and bless many. Thank you ever so much for sharing your time and talent with us all.

  2. lovely wreath and IKWYM about so much to say, no time to talk...oh and I agree w/Amy!

  3. Had a good chuckle over your title for this post Charlotte. :) Not Thanksgiving here this past week, we had ours last month, BUT, I was traveling and spent US Thanksgiving at my sister's, no work for me...LOL BUT, it is a crazy Monday am already for me too as I unpack, school, unwind and enjoy life at home all refreshed again. Happy Advent, love your wreath too.

  4. Yes, I feel that way, too, after a holiday. I'm sooooo behind on laundry and no real desire to get started. UGH!

    Your Advent wreath turned out lovely!!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Advent! Your Advent wreath turned out so lovely!


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