Friday, November 13, 2009

Shortcake's Puppy Party

~The Decorations~
Yes, I went a little crazy at Party City when I found out that they had a puppy theme in stock but remember, we are working on healing a heart and...Husband said I could! BTW...the best free printable party hats can be found here! (scroll down on the right)

~The Gifts~
I love cut-and-sew aprons especially for little girls and I know this one will feel well loved come the end of this holiday season. Scottie dogs on Christmas plaid. She loves it! Also, that tall fuzzy guy behind her in the hat. He's new. And he doesn't bite! See...
~The Craft~
Whoops. Forgot to take pictures. Will update later.

~The Favors~

Giant dog biscuits and puppy pencils for our friends who will stop by later when everyone is healthy.

~The Cake~
When she first mentioned that she wanted a puppy themed party, I assumed she wanted a cute, puppy cake. Nope. My tenderhearted little girl couldn't stand the thought of hacking into a sweet little mutt's face. So we came up with the idea for a dog bowl cake with dog biscuits inside. This was partly due to the fact that it was her job to help get Beegee's food ready in the morning. Even after the great greyhound disaster, she still wanted a dog bowl cake. This cake is a delicious Chocolate Mocha Pound (Puppy) Cake and the biscuits are Chocolate Cut-Out Sugar cookies. Recipes later if you want them. The figure on top is an LPS greyhound. I had it saved for today even before the dog came to live with us. Shortcake named it "B.G.". She is incredibly forgiving!

~Turn out the lights, the party's over...~
Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You are our big-hearted, peace-making, friend-to-all, spunky girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives! We love you!!!


  1. What a sweet party. Happy Birthday darling girl!

  2. Beautiful party, I love the cake. Happy Birthday!!

    I am beginning to plan a polar bear party. I wish I could change my soon to be seven year old's mind and switch to puppies :) Incidentally, the soon to be birthday girl also had a bad run in with a neighborhood greyhound. It was one of my scariest parenting moments. We caved last year and took in a little dog. She has been unbelievably good with the girls who cart her around like a doll.

  3. Nikki,
    Have you seen this one? It's so sweet. I would skip the fondant bears though and just get some cute little figurines but that's just me. (I don't work with fondant. Blech!)

  4. You are so creative!

    It's a great idea to have the bowl and the bones, and I think kids would think it's even better!

    We had a puppy that didn't work out once. It happens. You have to live your life...and there might be a dog out there for you. The problem is that today even a pound pup is so expensive! It's hard to take the hit if it doesn't work out...Anyway, good to know that you don't permanently scar your kids when they know you are doing your best!

  5. Very cute! As the mother of a Scottish terrier I especially love the apron!


  6. What a special party! I love the doggie bone treats. Allthe guests will surely remember this party

  7. How cool! My 4 year old would LOVE a puppy themed party. I would have never thought of all these ideas. His b-day just passed in Sept but he has been begging me to throw our dog Fluffy a birthday party. Love teh bone shaped goodies!


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