Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Life!

Today, we will be off celebrating the very first life God created with us and placed into our care.

Twelve years ago today I was at the hospital wondering when I would be meeting this sweet boy we were expecting. It wasn't soon. No surprise there, he was already 10 days late! Twelve hours after I was checked in, all twenty one inches of him was born... yelling and screaming mad! So mad he yanked the suction tube out of his mouth and pulled the hearing testing devices off his head. He also didn't sleep for the next year!

He still likes things the way he likes them and really doesn't like things to change, although now he's almost as tall as me and doesn't sleep on my shoulder anymore. : (

We love you, Professor! You are the leader, the protector, the policeman and the trail blazer and we wouldn't have it any other way! Blessings on your birthday!


And for those of you who are wondering, his birthday theme is LEGOs this year and yes, I will be back with pictures later!


  1. Happy Birthday from your friends at the Nut House!

  2. Happy Birthday, Professor! Those firstborns are always such firstborns, now aren't they!? ;-)

  3. Happy birthday to Professor! He is such a handsome young man, Charlotte, and I wish him the very best--today & always.

  4. Those firstborns are always such firstborns, now aren't they!? ;-)

    Yes, we are! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Professor!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday from the Stirlings!

  7. Happy birthday from your cousins Kitten, Bookgirl, and Hatchick!

  8. Happy & blessed birthday to the Prof. from all the boy cousins! Our #4 can't wait to catch up to the magic number!

    We love ya, dude! (o.k. was that manly enough?)


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