Monday, January 25, 2010

If he weren't so darn cute...

Watching the beginning of Emma last night and commenting to Husband as the children readied themselves for bed:

Me: Emma's father (Michael Gambon) was Roger's father in Wives and Daughters, Mr. Holbrook in Cranford and he's now playing Dumbledore in the HP movies. He was also in Amazing Grace with Emma (Romola Garai) who was also in Nicholas Nickleby and Daniel Deronda.  And that guy (Mr. Knightley) was in that version of Mansfield Park that we couldn't show the kids, not to mention The Flying Scotsman.

Sunshine (listening in): Wow!

Husband: Yeah, apparently there are only 8 actors in the world who can speak English with a British accent!

Later, I commented that the set looked really familiar: It's very similar to Return to Cranford.

Husband said: If you look closely you can actually see the other actors in the background. I think I just spied Dame Judi Dench in the shop window there.

I was tempted to throw a pillow at him but told him I would blog it instead! Ha!


  1. Haha! I think you're onto something here... (You guys are so funny!)

  2. Oh that is funny!

    I wanted to watch, but wasn't able to since we don't have TV reception. I was so excited when I saw that it will be available to watch online starting today!!! YAY!!!


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