Friday, January 8, 2010

This is what I LOVE about the internet!

First came Andrea's St. Cecilia, then Jessica had some fun with E Week and now, Amy Caroline has shared a beautiful wall quilt that her mother-in-law put together using the Saints 'N Stitches designs I was inspired to come up with after reading Kelle's post back in July of last year.

Wow! That Holy Spirit really can move when you let Him. This is what I love most about the internet! The inspiration. The way a creative idea, to which all credit must be given to the Creator above, can inspire so many different people in so many different ways to result in the squeezed out love of a little child cuddling her soft, squishy saint or the sweet words of a little boy, "Now the saints will watch over me while I sleep!" Awwwwww!

Bringing the little ones to Him. It doesn't get any better than this!!!

P.S. If I have missed any others, please let me know!


  1. wow! Such wonderful inspiration!

    I don't have time to sew on the quilts I am currently working on; but someday I would love to make an adorable saints quilt for my girls.

    I did my first ever embroidery this fall on a project I haven't been able to share on the blog yet and I am so hooked. I always thought it was too hard and now I know I can do it.

    Charlotte, would you be willing to draw me some of our family's special saints? I just love how sweet and huggable your designs are

  2. Thank you so much Charlotte! We just love our quilt! I will have to post the banner soon. We need another dowel and some ribbon for it.

  3. That is just wonderful! How the Holy Spirit works! He knows no limits!!

  4. I am going to try to make a quilt like this once I don't have newborn. Thanks for sharing. You are right in with the creative inspiration from God comment. I love it. Ditto for reguests. St. Gianna would be my obvious request. Thanks Charlotte.

  5. Sorry for the typos on my comment. I'm not an idiot just a bad typer with my 9 month pregnant belly in the way :)

  6. Georgous!
    I just love this idea!

    I am hoping to get my handmaidens of the altar to do these.


  7. Funny, I was just popping over to look back for the Saint's-N-stitches post because I am hoping to get started on the dolls soon, and i was catching up on your blog and found this. How amazing! Since I just learned to quilt this is such an exciting new project to add to my long long list. If only I didn't need that pesky sleep, I could actually accomplish something! Thanks for this post!

  8. I know of somebody who made one the saint dolls from your pattern, but there is not a photo:

    I would love to make one myself someday, although I've never embroidered anything... it'd be fun to learn, though!


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