Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woodland Fairy Mushrooms

We are celebrating Shortcake's baptismal day today and instead of coming up with or finding some creative baptismal craft or snack, I decided to let her decide what she wanted to do. That decision is a post for another time. Sunshine bought Barbara Beery's Fairies Cookbook with some Christmas money and the girls have been pouring over it ooohing and aaahing. Well, after we heard an amazing homily by our favorite young Cistercian deacon about celebrating baptismal days, we decided to make a concerted effort this year to do just that. Shortcake was most anxious to try this beauty of a cupcake and I couldn't help but smile remembering a similarly beautiful, prize winning picture that a sweet friend posted that enchanted me too!

Now, I am the kind of gal that sees a recipe as merely a suggestion. Maybe not when it come to some fancy French dish, but definitely when it comes to dessert! So while I stuck to the book where the cake was concerned, which was a simple cake mix doctoring, the frosting came from a tube. Many years of at home cake decorating and an unforgetable experience with frosting a giant Elmo head have taught me that there isn't enough food coloring in my cabinet to pull off the kind of red that comes in a tube.

The kids added the white chocolate chips and had so much fun, even my soon to be 12 year old boy in a young man's body joined in.

This cookbook is a sweet little thing with beautiful pictures of some very creative ideas. There is a whole series: the Pink Princess Cookbook which Sunshine wants for her birthday, the Pink Princess Tea Parties book, the Mermaid Cookbook and the Pink Ponies Cookbook look like keepers too if you are interested in checking them out!


  1. Those cupcakes turned out SO SO CUTE!!! What a fun way to celebrate Shortcake's baptismal day. :)

  2. The cupcakes are so adorable. And what a great idea to celebrate baptismal days.

    In fact you've given me a great idea. I teach 7th grade catechism and we always celebrate our Jr High birthdays each month, but why not celebrate baptism days instead. I'm sure it is info we have on file, so it shouldn't be too hard to do.

    Thank you for sharing this and enjoy those yummy looking cupcakes.


  3. I would think that info would definitely be on file! I shamefully admit that I had to look up the date of one of my children in the spiritual record book I keep for them. The others I knew, just had never really celebrated before.

  4. Those are so cute!! What a fun little project!

  5. Cute cupcakes! We have celebrated baptismal days in our house, but they always seem to pale in comparison to birthday celebrations, AND they come so close (within two weeks for each kid), so I am always looking for ways to distinguish the two celebrations. Any ideas? Did you do the birthdays differently this year?

  6. Thank you for choosing my Woodland Fairy Mushrooms from my FAIRIES COOKBOOK. You did an amazing recreation of the cupcakes and they look as beautiful as a food stylist and food photographer would have executed! If you love cupcakes, I would be happy to provide my newest cookbook, Pink Princess Cupcakes Cookbook for a give-away on your site. Please contact me at your convenience.

    All the best,
    President, Batter Up Kids Inc.

  7. I love celebrating Feast Days like this!

  8. Oh, I love these cupcakes. My girls are very in to fairies, and we are starting to enjoy more tea times together as they get older (my oldest is now 5). Thanks so much for sharing!

    God bless!

  9. those are adorable cupcakes!

    We were really good about celebrating baptism days until our youngest was baptised on Christmas day (makes it hard to focus on her!) so we do either the baptism day or their feast day and light their baptismal candles and make a special dessert.

    As for food coloring, if you get the paste variety (made by Wilton, sold at Walmart, craft stores, etc) you can get a deep red without using a whole bottle.


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