Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

If I was live blogging, right now I would be asking...

...what's up with the tap dancing-flannel-wearing-Canadian goth fiddle rockers?

And now they're on fire.

How many Molsons does it take to make this make sense?


  1. Apparently, I haven't had enough. I'm seriously confused by it all.

  2. It was pretty bizarre, some of it, though pretty to watch. I'm thinking you have to be Canadian to understand. Though it seems like all opening ceremonies are like this. Somebody spent waaaaay to much time thinking about it.

    Haha! Word verification: flamon -- they really were!

  3. Wow, now I'm really curious. I have to go find a picture of that.

  4. Probably a whole case. When they shot leaves up into the air they seemed to be infused with poison gas, because all the goth tappers fell to their deaths. Is this a subtle commentary on the fragility of the artist's craft in an age of right wing, Muslim terror? Only more Molson holds the key to this mystery.

    Remember in Lillehammer when they hatched out of eggs? Very primal, and also requiring alcohol to decipher.

  5. Okay, coming from a Canadian perspective, I lived in Vancouver my entire life, until now. I too have no blooming idea what in the world quite a lot of that was all about last night. LOL There I said it! Molson? Sleeman? Bud light? :) Nah! It was too many northern lights! I hear people who have them too often, daylight 24/7, they go kind of crazy. LOL

    Those dancers would make one think we are all very strange folks around our country. Who dreamed this stuff up anyway? This is NOT representing Canadians to me. The one guy had horns, at first I thought the storytelling was about Vikings, and then the dress was just weirder and wilder. Tattoos and body art? Stranger yet. An act no doubt, still don't get it myself.

    Here are some questions I have;

    Am I the only one who had no idea what the words were the opera woman was singing?

    Why was our Micaelle Jean's eyes closed every time the camera was on her before she declared the games open? Praying?

    What happened to singing our Canadian national anthem the way it is supposed to be sung? The singer was awesome, just why the change?

    Where was Michael Buble or Celine Dion, great Canadian singers?

    Why didn't that last cauldron come out of the ground? Too bad for all.

    Why was the security around Wayne Gretzky so poor when there were thousands of protesters in the same area threatening to wreak havoc? Especially when he had to run through that gauntlet? Not cool! And WHY was the headlight out on the truck he was riding on?

    So, Charlotte, I have to ask - you drink Molson? hehehe

  6. Renee,
    Thank you for the confirmation that Canadians are not really that crazy! : )

    No, I don't drink Molson, or any kind of beer... it doesn't suit my tastes. If I did, I'm pretty sure my mother would insist that I only drink Shiner since that's where my family was from. But my husband used to take business trips to Canada and was familiar with it.

    It took me a while to figure out that the opera singer was actually singing in English, I couldn't get past her hair.

    I can't understand why they wouldn't have recruited as many Canadian superstars as they could to parade around that stage. I kept saying, "I didn't know he/she was Canadian!" Celine Dion, I knew about, but Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, & Donald Sutherland were big surprises!

  7. I thought it was kinda -- well -- interesting. The whole thing kinda bored most of the gang here -- but we did all pause and watch the crazy tap-dancing, tartan-flannel-Canadian goth fiddle rockers. I gotta say. And the fellow flying around to "I've looked at Clouds.." was strangely mezmerizing. IF this is the Canadian people, I'd say that they are an eclectic bunch. And the ones I've known actually are that -- eclectic. And they pronounce their "Os" weird. But, we generally like them.

  8. That's eastern Canada for ya. I am from Alberta and we are not like that. But I must admit, Canadian art is very different. My husband and I laughed for a long time after reading this and all the comments, oh what the world must think of us! Ha!

  9. I guess Canadians are really deep and stuff;) We just cant understand:D

  10. I really did enjoy the Opening Ceremonies on the whole. There were little things that we chuckled at, but that is the fun of the Opening Ceremonies no matter where they are held! Compared to other venues, these OCs were pretty easy to follow. And regarding the flannel fiddle rockers, I kind of liked them, just didn't really understand them.

  11. My favorite part was the floor of the stadium. The prairie, the breaking of the ice, the whales & salmon... so cool!

    I love the Olympics!

  12. Charlotte, Thanks for the link. I agree with your assessment. It was fun; but I keep wondering... why? What's with all the punk elements?

  13. Well, I am Canadian! And well... I don't know what to say to all the commenters other than that I happened to watch an interview with the guy who choreographed/designed the whole thing and guess what??? He is an Australian! The same guy who did the ceremonies at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000.

  14. Based on the heritage of the older French Canadian Customs and traditions, large families entertained themselves with gathering around, singing french songs and playing the fiddle and the spoons and doing clogging/dancing. So that is where this comes from and whomever tried to make that the focus just got a little off track with overdoing it rather than keeping it simplified. The real thing is quite charming and joyful to watch and listen to. PJ


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