Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Shepherd Garden Parties ~ Week 1

Good Shepherd’s Garden Party Menu:
Week One

The Good Shepherd's Pasture

Mini Shepherd Pies

Shepherd’s Crooks

God’s Sheep

Graham Cracker Gates

Ewe and Ram Cupcakes

Lamb’s Wool  (beverage)
This beverage, quite common in England from the high Middle Ages, was enjoyed on various festive occasions including the Christmas season. Unlike the wassail, it was a cold drink and it was simpler in contents, consisting of the juice of roasted apples mixed with spiced ale.

Wolf Paw Cookies

Decoration ideas: 
Lindt Chocolate Lambs or any lamb related items (candles, butter, statues,etc...)

I am afraid to post the whole thing here since my blog is a lot narrower than Jessica's. Until I play around with that a little more, I will link you to Jessica's post and also where you can print the full menu with recipes, instructions and a shopping list over at Scribd:

A Mr. Linky will be posted at Catholic Cuisine on April 12th for anyone interested in sharing their parties with everyone.


  1. You two are way too awesome!!!

  2. beautiful and lovely yummies ! and I'm following Cath Cuisine too!

  3. I'd love to see what Jessica's blog has but everytime I go to her blog, my computer literally shuts down for some reason. :-(.

  4. I'm sorry about the technical difficulties. If you click on the Scribd link you can see the print of what Jessica has on her blog almost word for word. Please let me know if I can help. I'm hoping to make my blog wider this weekend so that I can post the full versions here too.

  5. I am unable to download this scribid file. It only has a print option. Can the download option be activated?


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