Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More on Liturgical Month Boxes

From the combox Meredith writes:
As you pack the liturgical boxes for each month, would you consider sharing a snapshot of their contents?I would love to know what I should be casually looking for during the rest of the year.

Sure, I will try, if I remember. But let me just clarify one thing. I purchased these boxes back last summer. At that time, I packed some things in them, but not everything. Some of these boxes are still empty and some only contain one or two items. My plan is to see what we actually use for feast day celebrations as either table centerpieces or mantle decorations and then pack them in the boxes. In other words, my boxes will look and should look completely different than yours.

That said, here is our March box:
 Inside you'll find our statue of St. Patrick, pieces of white lace and boxes of sawdust and fava beans for our St. Joseph's Altar, and some large holy cards for display. 

Since these were photo storage boxes, they came with dividers to use for organizing. You can see the March one over on the side of the box. I wrote the dates and feast days that we usually celebrate for that month and put one in each box. When we open the new month's box, I make sure those dates are highlighted in my planner if they aren't already.


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I also really appreciated your organization post. I always enjoy reading about what works for other moms and getting ideas I can implement myself!

  2. This is a great idea. I don't have enough liturgical stuff to need boxes, but I can see how I would have had I known about all this sooner! :)

    I like this way, because the boxes themselves are pretty.

  3. Many thanks--I get so overwhelmed by the projects of each new month that I don't even know what to look for in advance!


  4. I really like this idea, too. I might have to pick up some boxes....

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    It looks so lovely and organised.
    I have some of mine in boxes like you,but I keep adding things and they tend to outgrow the boxes. Which then leads to lack of organisation again.
    Thanks for sharing this plus your original post which I left open for a week to comment and didn't get back to.
    God Bless


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