Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old St. Joseph Coloring Page

My stats tell me there are a lot of people looking for St. Joseph coloring pages these days. I only have the one of St. Joseph the Worker and it isn't the traditional image seen on the Feast of St. Joseph with the Child Jesus in his arms, but it is free!

I have removed the date from my St. Joseph the Worker coloring page so that it can be used for his upcoming feast day by anyone who wants it. It's the same picture as this original, just without the May 1st feast date.

St. Joseph Coloring Page

And don't forget the St. Joseph Altar Blog Fest coming up! And I really didn't mean to call St. Joseph old in the title of this post. : )

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  1. As much as I dearly love your coloring pages, there is one of St. Joseph w/ Baby Jesus from the blog you listed here.....

    Happy Feast of St. Joseph! :D


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