Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Right now,  I am being told by Scribd that all private documents cannot be printed or downloaded. Most of my coloring pages were listed as private documents. The Good Shepherd's Garden Party printables are also listed as private. I am working on getting more information regarding this change in policy. For right now, the coloring pages can't be printed. If I understand their new policy correctly, I will have to go in and manually change each document's listing and then relink. This might take awhile. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Yes, I had this same frustration a couple of weeks ago. Scribd was not very helpful, so I just changed everything to public (not ideal). If you don't mind sharing the policy you found or whatever support told you, that would be great. Thanks.

  2. Here is what I have received from them so far:

    Downloading and printing is disabled for all private embeds, without exception. If you wish to enable these features, you will need to set your documents to Public. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Documents set to public will automatically update your embed, but may take between 3-5 hours for the change to take effect.

  3. I know that it would be time consuming, but you might want to upload them to Google Docs. It is more user friendly and you can make docs private or public on an individual basis. Thank you for always sharing.

  4. Oh wow! Thank you for doing that. My kids love your pictures.

  5. I just tryed to print the Divine Mercy pic today and it told me it was private etc. So what I did was right click on it and told it to print document and it worked for me... Thanks for all your pictures, they are my favorite ones to use for my kids!

  6. So sorry that you are having trouble with Scribd and some commenters. Just read back through your older posts and wanted to say Congratulations on baby Izzy!

  7. Hi,

    I saw the note that the coloring pages should be available on the 16th and tried to print some tonight (the 16th) without luck. Just wanted you to know.


  8. Kristine,
    Can you tell me which ones you tried to print and what error message you received?


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