Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grammie's Summer Garden

We visited my mother last weekend and if there was one thing that my children enjoyed more than anything else, (chocolate chip cookies and pizza parties aside) it was Grammie's garden! Boy, I wish I had inherited her green thumb! Now, I know she would say it isn't nearly as pretty as it was when the poppies were in bloom, but the children still thought it was pretty fantastic. The birds at the feeder, orange and purple blossoms to tiptoe around, a vine covered archway, the Blessed Virgin in the middle... it was like their own little secret garden!

And now I must get back to dealing with this summer cold that is plaguing our family. Aren't summer colds the worst? Who wants lots of soup and hot tea when it's 112 degrees outside? OK, maybe it's not 112 but it sure feels like it! Summer has hit with it's full force which means we are in for the long haul. Goodbye, spring! We'll miss you!


  1. Beautiful garden! Our Grammy has one of those as well. I can't quite seem to do as good of a job down here in the south like I could up north.

    We, too, have the dreaded summer cold upon us! What is up with that?!

    Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  2. Beautiful pics of your Grammy's garden! Everything is in bloom here, too...I love it.:) Wondering also how you get your pics side by side like that. I think that's part of what makes your post so beautiful! Have a great day.

  3. PNG,
    Blogger lets you choose sizes for your pics. When I choose the small size, the pictures are small enough to fit side by side if you have a wide enough blog.

  4. I love the garden photos. And after planting annuals in a wheel barrow last weekend I love seeing how your mother planted flowers in all sorts of whimsical things. She has quite an eye for beauty. I now see where you get it. :)

    So sorry you're sick. Did you see the forecast? Over 100 this weekend! Get well soon.

  5. What a lovely garden! how nice to be able to share that with their Grammy.

    I hope you all feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst.

  6. Beautiful garden. I like the new blog background too. Seems that cold is going around. Our doc(NP actually) suggested 1000 mg vit C daily, Vicks bowl (boil water, 2 tsp Vicks rub, breathe steam) 4 times a day, nettie pot also 4 times a day, antihistamines, and alieve (some studies show it also gets rid of coughs for some reason). I had a cold that just wouldn't go away. After 3 days on this regimen, I'm better. Hope you all feel better.

  7. Kelly,
    Thanks for the advice. I can't use a nettie pot because of my ears, but I do love Vicks! I have never heard of a Vicks bowl, but it sounds good to me right now.

  8. Lovely pics of your mom's garden! :) Praying for you to get better soon. This heat is exhausting and it's barely June--we're in for it, aren't we? :)

  9. Grammie has a gorgeous garden! Such lovely bits of beauty tucked all over the place - i love it!


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