Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homemade Yarntainers

Homemade what?

Yarn-Tainer - Large

If you aren't a crocheter/knitter, you can skip this post...

Sunshine loves to work with yarn. I guess I should have nicknamed her Kitten. She is never so happy as when she is knitting away. She loves to make baby hats and dishcloths. She also has a bad habit of starting a new project without finishing the old one. Wonder where she gets that from? Tee hee!

Anyway, we gave her one of these fabulous little containers for Christmas and quickly realized that we would have to invest quite a bit in too many of these to satisfy her many inspirations. What was that? Tell her she can't start a new project until she finishes an old one? Yeah. That'd be the pot calling the kettle black.

So I came up with this idea. Some pretty paper, tape and glue turned an old oatmeal container into a homemade yarntainer.

They aren't see-through, but they do the job. My only tip would be to cut the hole in your paper smaller than the hole in the oatmeal top. Then place some tape to help the paper insert stick to the top until the glue dries. And if your paper doesn't fit the top perfectly, fill in the gap with some glitter glue.


  1. I just recently found your blog, via another blog- I've made our own yarn-tainers too! I used large cottage cheese and/or 5lb soft margerine containers, all I did was use a hole punch tool {the kind you use a hammer on} from my scrapbooking supplies, to punch small holes, the homemade version works so great and the price is just right! Great sharing!!

  2. Great idea! I'm going to have to start saving my oatmeal containers!

  3. Oh my goodness, for the past two days my older two girls have been grumbling over the fact that they had to roll their new yarn into balls. I'm going to show these to them...what a great idea!

  4. Lovely! You can also use the plastic containers that snack mix comes in (like from Costco or even the big one at the grocery store) ... these are see-thru with hard-plastic lids (so you'd need to use a drill to make the hole and then file it smooth).

    Please give your knitting daughter an extra hug from me!

  5. and so much prettier! love this idea!

  6. Awwww, Mary,

    I will! You know, I never thought of those kinds of containers because we never seem to have any. I guess everything we buy comes in a bag. Now, I'll have to look specifically for something that comes in a clear plastic tub!

  7. This is brilliant!

    Sunshine just has crafter's DNA. I knit and crochet, so I've got several (to use a kind word) projects going at the moment. The ability to multi-task is a good thing. She'll be a great mom someday!


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