Friday, July 9, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Dog days of summer dog shows, that is!
The kids wanted to show off some of their friends...
 This is Hazel. She is a golden retriever who is a licensed therapy dog.  We first met Hazel and her papa, Trigger, at our very first dog show

Say "hello" to Butterfly. She is also a therapy dog and oh so soft and fluffy! To learn more about the good work therapy dogs can do, check out this list of 15 amazing facts about therapy dogs.

We didn't catch this guy's name. He was singin' the blues in his crate while we were walking around.

BigBoy loves the Pomeranians. Puff-balls-with-legs is what he calls them.

Phoebe, a Japanese Chin, belongs to the sweet lady who sells specialized t-shirts and bookmarks. I love the way her little tongue hangs out of her mouth.

And, of course, there was Sapphire! Since getting to know her owner over the past couple of dogs shows, and convincing her that we are not crazy dog stalkers, we have been made official members of Team Sapphire!

 Sapphy wasn't being shown this weekend so her owner let us take her for a nice long walk,

Even BigBoy got a chance to hold the leash!


  1. So cute. Both the dogs and your kiddos. Looks liek you have some future veterinarians possibly. Thye can always come hang out with me at work if you all ever find your way up to NC.

  2. I think I might, Robina! If they could just get over their squeamishness regarding the inner workings of the human and canine bodies.

  3. When I saw the hound, I just wanted to climb into the photo, grab his cheeks and give him a big smooch!


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