Saturday, July 3, 2010

Patriotic Tees 2010

Have I mentioned how much we love 


  1. becomewhatyouareJul 5, 2010, 5:24:00 AM

    those are great!

  2. Hi Charlotte~ I love these! Thank you for sharing this fun idea. We just might have to borrow it for next year:-) God Bless.

  3. Love it! We made t-shirts, too. Now I'm baffled as to how to wash them. I'm so afraid to throw them in the washer for fear of having them bleed all over themselves and ruin my machine. What do you do? Please help. Thanks!

  4. PNG,

    If you painted them with fabric paint, have no fear. We have used Tulip brand paint for the past three years and they have all washed beautifully. If you used dye of any kind, then you do have to worry about bleeding and should wash them separately so they don't bleed on each other but you shouldn't have to worry about the dye affecting your washer.

  5. Thanks so much! Yes, we used fabric paint so I guess I'm good. There's just something scary about anything red in the washer...I should face my fears!


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