Friday, August 6, 2010

Scridb update and a question

I have to say, I have been impressed with the way that Scribd has been dealing with me regarding the current situation. They have been friendly and generally interested in listening to my concerns.

Case in point...the update that I have just received from them states:
You make some excellent points. While we discuss and consider your feedback, I've exempted your documents from being placed in the Scribd Archive. If you'd like, I'll also recall any remaining documents in your account.
 Now, does that mean I expect them to do what I say because I am Queen of the Universe? Um, no, but when was the last time you heard someone, a customer service rep, the moderator of a discussion forum, the author of an article or post, anyone say... you made some good points and we will give them consideration. It goes such a long way to fostering a good mutual relationship just knowing that you are being heard and considered instead of immediately dismissed or even, secretly ridiculed. It's truly considerate!

Now, a question for all of you who have gotten around the Scribd problem by right clicking. When you print a coloring page that has text on it like the saint's name or feast date, does right click printing print the text as well or just the image? I'm curious because when I have tested that solution out it only prints the picture, not the text. Thanks for your help!


  1. Wow. I am very impressed. Good for them.

    I can't help with the question... sorry.

  2. I just found your page and I have to say, I love the coloring pages!

  3. Picture only.

    They say that when your MIL, or anyone else for that matter, gives advice you are supposed to respond similarly with: "Wow, that's a good point, I will definately consider it!" as opposed to instantly putting up your if only I could master such skills, relationships would be so much easier!

  4. PS. Hope you are able to work out something...

  5. I am very interested in hearing solutins to the scridb issue as I just put some valentine story figues up too. Plus I would like to share other files with people for free but don't have extra funds to pay to do it. I would also be disappointed if I could not acess your beautiful coloring pages. My kids enjoy them.


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